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History of the Lake Conroe Association

The LCA is a 501c3 non-profit corporation formed in 1977 by a group of concerned property owners, business leaders, concerned property owners and local businesses with the goal of controlling and/or eliminating an ever increasing infestation of Hydrilla.

Since then, the LCA has worked tirelessly to improve Lake Conroe for residents and businesses surrounding Lake Conroe. This includes fighting for safe water levels, water conservation, resolving vegetation problems, and improving the overall quality of life around the lake.

Since 1977, the LCA, through private donations, has raised over $1,000,000 which has been spent primarily on White Amur (grass carp) and to purchase aquatic herbicides. We have also donated over $40,000 to remove 450 stumps from the main body of Lake Conroe, and $5,000 towards new equipment for the Montgomery County Constable Search & Dive Team

The LCA also works closely with the San Jacinto River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to represent people affected by Lake Conroe.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Lake Conroe Association (LCA) acts as a non-profit 501(c)3 civic organization to inform and represent residents and businesses on issues affecting the use and enjoyment of Lake Conroe.

In communicating closely with major stakeholders such as the San Jacinto River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department the LCA contributes to discussions regarding invasive plants and organisms, water quality, and recreational use related to Lake Conroe. The LCA conducts supplemental fund raising for approved projects relative to Lake Conroe.


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The LCA is a non-profit organization, fully funded by generous people like you. With your donations, we are able to continue working on your behalf to make Lake Conroe better for everyone. If you want to help keep Lake Conroe clean, safe, and enjoyable please consider becoming a member of the LCA with at least a $25 annual donation. Join with thousands of your fellow Lake Conroe residents to protect our lake.

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